The ultra present jeans in 2013

Seen in the majority of fashion shows, jeans are back on the scene, in a total look or as a central part of an outfit. Becoming indispensable, the denim causes a rage yet again but you have to choose the right model. Accurate cuts and colours to follow in 2013 with Judith Rochefrom Acquaverde.

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Judith Roche: I think there is a real return of the jeans. There's been three years of wild colours, so people have got to a point where they have had enough, they want a return back to the true authentic basic; the classic blue jean.

There is evidence that the slim is an essential piece, so we've gone along with the slim jean, in all its forms, it can be 7/8, it can be long, pleated at the leg with heels, in black with a rocky side, in gray because there's been a return to the gray jeans, and for summer we have developed the ecru jeans, so it's really a blue jean but ecru, it's washed and brushed in exactly the same way.

One form that is spoken about a lot this season is the return of the `boyfit' jean, they're narrow at the bottom and a little bit shortened, after I think the straight cut will automatically return for women who don't want it to be super tight on the calves and who do not have the same morphology as the super skinny, then the flared jean is always there for the fans of this shape, but I think it will be a flash in the pan.

I think the materials are changing, so on a technical level, the jeans are evolving but we must still keep this authentic side therefore it cannot be distorted. What we do today, is that we have good quality jeans that are comfortable, with the colour that people want, which have the elasticity which appears as authentic as what we had before, so in this case we are moving in the right direction ...

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