Spring / Summer 2017 Trend : Flower Power

This spring 2017, the woman will be feminine and floral. Voluptuous and loving, she adorns her wardrobe with floral patterns and combines with newly budding nature. (Interview)The silhouette is slender, romantic but broken with the traditional codes: the floral print is revisited in the new materials reworked in a futuristic way.(Interview)The silhouettes are graphic and modern and the wardrobe takes a rock look: the floral prints are worn with leather blousons and ankle boots, and are even sometimes mixed with a sportswear look. Flower Power rebels and cultivates ambivalence.(Interview)Don’t forget the power of flowers, they emit a natural positive energy for a sparkling seasonIn little touches or all over, the floral spirit captures us in this beautiful season !Interviews Sophie Méchaly :The flowers are worked, flowers are clearly the kind of emblem of the brand worked in a more graphic way like photo-prints with colors a little bit more faded, and which are developed on the veils, on the printed veils, also on the sequins, the same impressions is developed on all of its shapes. Adrien Caillaudaud & Alexis Martial :It was really a part of Mrs Carven’s obsession who had always used the floral print, it’s also an obsession for us as well, the idea is to rework them, and this season we are saying to ourselves that it’s important to bind the past and the present in using a few robotic flowers with all is history of embroidery, which was in line with the beginning which was a lot more in the notion of heritage.Silvia Venturini :There is a very romantic woman but strong at the same time, there’s very supple leather with flower interventions, and floral prints like and Italian garden. Liv Tyler : We knew we wanted to do something that was floral to be able to mix it with a leather jacket and to have that contrast and this was that print, this collection stealing beauty was actually a big inspiration with the grasses and the colours. Music free of right / Bandit & Nikit 2017

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