Castañer by Manolo Blahnik - Spring/Summer Show 2018 in Milan (with interview)

For the occasion of his 90th birthday, the Spanish shoes house Castañer collaborated with designer Manolo Blahnik and asked him to create his version of the espadrille.A capsule collection presenting the feminine and couture version, even with needle heels, of the traditional shoe, all while keeping the colourful Mediterranean spirit. Manolo Blahnik : It’s a story that started near to my birth, at aged one or two. I had a nanny who always wore Castañer espadrilles and I always loved that. I tried to do it one time, but the things never worked how I wanted them to. And then voilà!They came to my house in London, I knew Madame Isabelle and I said okay, I’ll start to make espadrilles, why not? Everyone makes them except me, and now I make them, with a little heel. Hand woven, with different techniques, we do a sort of crochet, to make the heel. We do a sort of Macramé. And that’s exactly what you see there, it’s done well. These are things which don’t last much but that’s what I like. I like that it doesn’t last much and that’s it’s not in fashion. I hate things that are on trend, that immediately go out of fashion. Fashion is that: change, but that doesn’t interest me. Royalty-Free Music / Bandit & Nikit

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