Acne Studios - Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview).

Designer: Jonny JohanssonAtmosphere: White curtains open on this new collection which celebrates individuality and what is out of fashion according to the founder, with as always, a work on materials and colours.Collection: aqua tailored trousers open the show and set the tone. Basics such as the polo, dress, shirt and jeans are reinterpreted in old-school or shining colours. Leather or plastic effects are actually jersey which has been treated with starch. Numerous embroideries such as fringed jewelry which is also features on the length or a coat or a pair of jeans. To note: All of the accessories and notably the jewelry are spectacular & the gay couple with their children, heroes of the Acne Studio’s last publicity campaign attend the show. Interview with Jonny Johanson:I wanted to play with that outsider perspective of fashion because I think it’s very relevant to Acne studios, I always see us as having our own mood circling around the fashion scene. And this time I wanted to feed off that, make something that was very individual, separate pieces, it’s about self-expression. Trying to pull something that’s not branded or mixed with branded. The colours for me had to be really optimistic, really positive, not too heavy, a little bit urban. There was a lot of embroidery this season so we have embroidered small chains on the tailoring which are embroidered down and then released to make that sort of movement.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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