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Men's suits become feminized

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The trouser suit remains one of the key pieces in the fashion shows and becomes the object of desire for many working girls and `femmes fatales'. for next season, new possibilities arise in this game of masculine / feminine as large pants are coordinated with a more fitted jacket, even seen to be belted. (itw). possible second choice: shorter pants, which make a great comeback. with a closer cut to the body, the ankle is left bare and the shoes are highlighted. once the bottom half is decided on, the suit allows you to then play around with the jacket. more graphic, more precious, it becomes the piece on which designers push their originality. (itw) of course, the three-piece suit continues to inspire fantasies and is no longer only for men... stella mccartney : the boy meets girl moment aswell, almost a school girl kind of knitwear that was masculinised. playing with the language of the stella `woman' this season. donna karan : there is a `man' in every `woman', it is just all about the bodysuits, the pant and the jacket. they're masculine but in a very modern way. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free