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Jeremy Scott Spring Summer Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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With front row seats including paris hilton and kanye west present, surrounded by his fans who worship him, jeremy scott celebrates the "arab spring" in his own way. veils and harem pants customised with his printed fetishes, guns as an embroidered charm, once again the designer seeks to provoke and arouse interest. the tension also reflects the use of more raw materials such as crocodile leather. proportions lifted up in skirts or trousers, worn with crop tops similar to bra tops, big trend of the season. music from fashion show jeremy scott : for the last past year we hear so much about the arab spring, the arab spring and everything that is going on, and one day it sounded like a fashion collection to me. i thought `well we use that all the time' you know arab `something spring' so i thought `arab spring summer 2013', and it really just developed from there and i thought about `what would this collection look like?' i thought about the exotic animal skins, leopard prints and gold, chains, luxury and veils and chiffon mixed with something hard like leather, and trying to bring all these elements together, and having something.. new.