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Hermès Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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The printed scarf makes a comeback at hermès. christophe lemaire, uses them in the opening of the show, for short pleated shorts and a v-neck tunic. leather is not left out with a shorts ensemble and a lime green crocodile chasuble, or a sky mini-dress. a collection where details and materials are the force. a punctuated show with ultra classic pieces, with trench coats, pencil skirts and some boyish pieces, accessorised with ties and straps. music from fashion show interview christophe lemaire : they are prints that we worked on for the collection, so they are either archive prints that are in the heritage of the house, or designs that we worked on this season. i love the details, i think someone said that god is in the details or the devil is in them, there are two versions. but i think it's very true, details are very important. it's just the idea of showing something that is quite simple, a kind of large sweatshirt covered in flowers with shorts in lambskin and to play around with the materials, on the richness of materials. i like the idea of comfort, i always wanted to work the clothing in its actual dimension and that it is a garment that helps one to feel good, and that it's not a constraint. i really wanted to work on the ultra hermès classic trench coat, i wanted this in the collection, i wanted this type of punctuation like that, ultra classic, a bit tomboy, a little strict, a little bit garbo and katherine hepburn. the problem of the shows is that we don't necessarily see the whole collection, but at hermès you have to come to watch closely because it's a work on the material.