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Ground Zero Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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First parisian show for chinese brothers philip and eric chu (established in hong kong) from the ground zero label. a wardrobe that stands out with fun and childish prints from the world of japanese animation. short tight dresses, in prints of "manga" images in silk chiffon, small embroidered jersey sweaters of walt disney characters and short skirts with ruffles, make up this wardrobe for women robots, the look is hidden behind large insect glasses! music from fashion show interview as my dream, i'm going to do it right now, we've been dreaming about this for like 10 years and i'm very happy, i'm very grateful. it's about feminine, and mixed with the robot thing as like my childhood thing, and mixing with a femininity, i think it's a very great mix, i wanted to try to mix something that was unconventional, something that is very new, and i hope this is what people think and it's what i think as well. we wanted to have this feminine feature, but not too complicated because the prints are already very complicated and the fabric we mostly used was silk fabric, with a print on it, i'm unlikely to print silk, but we did it, i think it's something new.