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Tokyo Fashion Week in 6 points

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The essentials of tokyo fashion week in 6 points. firstly a focus on the mise en scene. the japanese designers like to pay attention to their presentation and it is particularly the case for jun okamoto and his dancer playing with petals. at fur fur, the concept goes even further through a very arty installation and models presenting frames. 2nd point : the haircut. the japanese designers particularly treat the locks and which we see for summer 2013, it is rather the extravagant wigs and other brushings of facetasm in lighter colours and the punk effects at shiroma. in one word, think volume. next up, the accessory to remember : heart shaped glasses at wc. so girly, they go hand in hand with the summer season. also a little favourite at somarta for the lace tights making footwear disappear. the essential piece : the shirt. like in the rest of the world, and for both men and women, particularly jun okamoto's shirt reworked in every way, stays the vital basic to own in ones wardrobe. the silhouette of 2013 returns to the short- skirt and bomber jacket ensemble of facetasm, bringing together several trends at the same time like the ultra short, the blouse and of course the large stripes. finally colour, and just like the hair in japan : the importance is that it shows. so anrealage plays with light and creates dresses which reflect in the dark, perfect for the upcoming events. music from the fashion show