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From the eyes of an expert - Gustavo Lins : exclusive interview

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Gustavo lins, renowned couturier settled in paris, originally from brazil conjures the contrast and wealth of his country, becoming the sixth largest economy in the world. interested to bind the french expertise to the boundless energy of a growing population, gustavo is preparing to launch a new brand of ready-to-wear, called oje and created 100% by staff trained in brazil and which for the country could become, the example of a new economic and very productive model. music from fashion show interview gustavo lins : sao paulo fashion week is an impressive fashion week. for an event which is quite far from everything else, and quite isolated, it succeeded to capture people's attention. and i think the country is off to a good start today . a year ago i gave an interview in a brazilian magazine where i was asked what i could do to contribute to the development of the country, and i simply replied that i wanted to bring my parisian expertise to brazil regarding fashion. but how? via modeling and the technical cut of the clothes. in the specification, there was : the forming of the industrial workforce, creating economic activity to pay it off in a certain way, the funding for training and thirdly working with brazilian raw materials. for that there was a real problem because the brazilian textile market had become very weak, it had depleted, because the brazilian brands provide textures somewhere else. brazil is still the second largest supplier of cotton in the world, but it provides cotton balls and raw cotton, the cotton that comes directly from the fields with which balls are made and are exported, or the briefly woven fabric, for example to make truck covers, or uniforms. it's a major exporter, but they are low-value added products. it's the third largest supplier of silk in the world after india and china. elsewhere the silk that hermès uses comes from brazil, as the raw material, and then hermès imports silk of horse through perrin company to wove in france. brazil is also the second largest supplier of leather after argentina, but it's a raw leather, which we call blue. so that's where brazil's money comes from, but they don't have fine cotton, wool or silk. that's why it is very complicated. there is a project in brazil to create a branch of industry that will be directed towards innovation, today it's an aim of the brazilian government in order to start exporting.