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French Marilhéa Peillard wins the International Elite Model Look competition

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The international final of elite model look 2012 took place in shanghai on december 1st and has given rise to a lively evening hosted by jessie j and dj bob sinclar. among the 60 girls selected, a young french girl finished in first place. for nearly a year, elite model look has organised castings in 59 countries and 800 cities to choose the 60 lucky ones who were called for the final. model apprentices arrived a fortnight before the evening to train, learn how to walk and pose. overall, to come across as professional and ready to work. for this they have been supported by top models elite agency as their mentors. 5'10' in height, her long hair and perfect features have already impressed the judges in france and it's therefore quite natural that the young marilhéa peillard, aged 18, was distinguished. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview marilhéa peillard : i can't believe everything that's happened to me because it's incredible, but i'm always very happy because even though i never thought i would come first place, there was still a little hope and i am very happy, i cannot wait to call my parents who don't know yet.yes, my life has changed completely, i went from school to another world which is the fashion world, in fact it's true that it's totally different. noémie lenoir : the amazing thing about elite model look is to find girls around the world. so as a mentor i'm here in shanghai to give them some advice, to teach the girls how to pose, to walk and to be comfortable. michaela kocianova : since being a finalist in 2004, i have been working for chanel, dior, versace, armani, calvin klein, most of the brands. this business makes you grow up very fast. people from elite, they kind of become like your family. if they get to the first 15 then they're definitely in the right hands. ming xi : you have to be hard working and professional. so be ready for that. for me, really seriously, the most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself because if even you don't believe in yourself, then no one will believe in you. kwok chan : marilhéa is a girl that, i'm not going to lie, is the girl that i noticed on the first day, immediately, just because of her striking beauty. she reminds me of a french cindy crawford, she's the 1980 supermodel, she has the hair, she has eyes, she has the lips, she has the face, she has the body, she has everything.