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Designers, artists and architects redress the Christmass tree !

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35 trees straight out of the imaginations of designers, artists and architects have been exhibited in paris at the hotel salomon de rothschild for the 17th edition of the designer christmas trees (sapins de noël des créateurs) and auctioned to benefit the fight against cancer. once again the christmas tree inspires. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview chantal thomass : i made an ice cream tree in white feathers with gold. i don't think it's difficult to work on the theme of christmas, because there are the christmas wonders so eventually i think when you are a designer if you give it a little thought and think about it, you'll find it, it's also a challenge to create the most beautiful one, and it's also fun. jean-charles de castelbajac : it's part of an installation series that i'm doing at the moment about neon and that it's a work on the memory, i found that with the relationship between casper, the title "the eternal return" and christmas, there was a form of proactive melancholy, in fact i tried to shift it away from the christmas syndrome because one has to live with it all year round and i think that if a piece is more linked to a form of transcendence and timelessness, that it can attract a better price. i have a special relationship with christmas because i never really had it when i was a child because i was at boarding school so i'm making up for it with my sons so we've had wonderful christmases. jean-paul gaultier : i think we all have images that we like and that are within us which we can work with, and then there are others that use these old images or memories, or others who have completely abstract creations, so it's good because it means that there are different voices, different ways to see it, and it's interesting to see the result, so it's also good to also see inside the heads of other designers, and it's also for a good cause, it's fabulous. i remember my grandmother, placing oranges with cloves and hanging them and it smelt like this, all the smells, for me that is very christmassy, it's true that oranges and clementines are one of the things, and also coffee yule logs, even with fruit, i want what i ate when i was little. patrice gardera : you have to sort of look to the left and right to not prick yourself but it's true that it's a sharp piece, you shouldn't be afraid, we tried to keep the image of the tree. louis marie de castelbajac : what i wanted was to confront the mythology of hope and despair, and so that's why i used the comet which can also be a star, and which can also be the source of concern. ali mahdavi : i think humor is the first act of politeness, it's very vulgar and ill fitting not to have a minimum humour, in fact i hope i have some. for me it's important to be invested and the "prostitute of christmas" i don't know how it came to me but it seemed so obvious, i don't know why we didn't think of it before.