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Red is found everywhere : from makeup to dresses on the catwalk

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Passionate, provocative, alluring or just simply impressive, red has always been considered a strong colour, conveying messages or simply attracting attention. in the world of beauty and fashion, red is particularly appreciated and worked in all its tones. already firmly noticed in 2012, red is essential for 2013 and many designers dare to work this colour on all clothing, from the red cocktail dress with sequined sleeves, to the accessories, perfect to embellish and complete an outfit. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview nicolas degennes : i think it's one of the most difficult colours to remember, to specify and to work, because there is a multiplicity of red; what interests us in terms of the mouth, the light and the face, is to work with reds that are bright. the colour is made to bring out the eye and to lead it to where you want it to go, ensure that the lips catch the eye, wear a red, and then you will captivate people. jean paul gaultier : red is passion, it's the red baccarat, the red of the theater, i am very picky about red, i'm very annoying because i like reds that are not too blue and which are not too pink. i like the red that is like tomato ketchup, it's a classic but at the same time it's a colour, it's also more apparent and provoking, it's not neutral and yet it has become a classic. chantal thomass : red goes with valentine's day, it goes with the day of new year in italy for example where women should wear red lingerie. there is also a connotation of seduction with the colour red, in red and black, plus it's a flattering colour, for the skin.