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The 2013 prospects of designers.

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In 2013, our designers will remain active and creative. never pausing, the collections keep coming and there is an abundant of new and varied projects. jean paul gaultier, louis marie castelbajac, ali madahvi and chantal thomass give us their outlook on 2013! music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview ali mahdavi : i apply myself more and more in cinematography, i have made quite a lot of clips and commercials. i have just made my first short film inspired by the dramatic story of romy schneider and the loss of her child, it will be released very soon. i'm thinking about making a series of 5 short films called `forbidden love' this is one of the works that matters to me the most and is quite mixed, it means that people are uncomfortable or don't like it, it's the first time that i've done something that makes people cry. chantal thomass : prospectives are always about creating, to make beautiful collections, also to travel, i have some small projects underway which are a bit different, of course i have the lingerie collections, i am also in process of preparing a collection of vases and ceramic objects that will be ready in january, and then other projects, i'm going to do a collection with fabre, full of things that amuse me, things that i like, the more things i have to do the happier i am, so everything is going well. jean paul gaultier : there are new projects, firstly i have started to work with someone who i've worked with before, it's gibo, in florence and i have the pleasure to return to italy and florence, so i go with a great pleasure and i'm very glad to return to my first love, so i'm very happy, so that is a nice prospect which has already started and then there are others, i can't tell you yet as it hasn't started yet, but there are my fashion shows, there are so many things i can't tell you them all ! and of course to try to make beautiful collections. louis- marie de castelbajac : i'm launching my armagnac in fact, it's been two years since i developed an armagnac, so i'm launching it in march, i'll have an ephemeral bar for the launch. i did all the design from a to z, in terms of the images, the design, the whole development. on the side i'm also working with my father, an artistic direction of a new line that develops within the company, so i'm working on both. i'm rooted in tradition and at the same time in the renewal.