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Carven - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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Carven opens the ball of menswear presentations in paris. and it is in the new premises of the fashion house that guillaume henry presented his vision of the carven menswear wardrobe in an atmosphere that\'s very 40s and 50s. a wardrobe for young men who leave the office and could quite easily go on an expedition and get to the top of a mountain. the trousers are shortened on the calf (revived trousers worn by skiers in the 40s), the suit is adjusted. a wide range of overcoats : teddy, jacket, trench, coats and anoraks. a revival of menswear activity in softness for the house of carven. music from the fashion show interview guillaume henry : the menswear activity so far was not something so intimate but it was our first real demonstration of our work on menswear, which was at pitti in florence 6 months ago. all the press couldn\'t be there and we weren\'t even in our base city, and today it\'s presented here, so there is an office feel because we\'re already in the office, so it was a kind of abyss, an office in an office and then the idea of evolving the carven boy, which had always been associated with freshness, a spirit of youth and we almost thought back to the first time in a business and imagined a wardrobe which matches his generation, age and behavior. each time we tried to work by giving a sportswear feel, more varied, more hybrid. this season we imagined if the carven boy or man could get to the top of a mountain and consider his position to the office, like an expedition. in fact these trousers are simply the revival of the trousers worn skiing in the 40s. short on the calf, i\'ve always tended to look in the past, i love the 50s, 60s and the images of doisneau, brassaï and others. and i love the awkward positions, it makes me smile and i find it elegant, i think it takes a certain cheek to wear it.