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A library of clothes has met a resounding success in Stockholm (with itw)

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Sweden is known for its innovations in fashion and design. the latest: a library of clothes. in 2011, four students had the brilliant idea of teaming up with popular brands to form a panel of clothing and accessories, for men and women, available in a kind of boutique, and only on loan. simply become a member. a new way to consume clothing and an original concept ready to take off in other countries. notably in paris thanks to a program called lpaps (le prêt(er)-a-porter suédois. stay tuned. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview gayathri mudigonda : we approached different brands that we think suit our concept and they could have a very aware approach to their production, it could be the material they used, the textile, it could also be the way the whole process goes, like if they follow the production line from the beginning to the end, so it could be social responsibility but it could also be environmental responsibility through the textiles or other materials they used. we want to capture all the different types of approaches, not only environment or social responsibility, but things that are more sustainable on how we consume or alternative ways of consumption. johanna nilsson : i really love the concept and i really liked the idea of sharing stuff, because my jewelry is not just made for consuming. gayathri mudigonda : in the beginning we thought that most popular items would be party dresses and suits, nicer things, it would be like a substitute to people who rent clothes or buy for a special event, but what we found with time is that a lot of people borrow everyday clothing, like if they need a suit jacket for a meeting at work or they dress completely differently in private than what they do for work, they find it a very good solution to be part of lånegarderoben as well.