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Michael Kors Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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Michael kors is famously inspired by the city of new york, its pavements, its colours, but also its energy, presents a collection that's both graphic and ultra feminine, with an audience of stars in the front row including michael douglas, hilary swank et jada pinket smith. jackets and sweaters take volume, with edges of leather and zips. orange dominates, followed by blue and yellow. as for pencil skirts, they're worn over bodys or bustiers, with enveloping coats. for the evening, dresses shorten with additions of trails like a second skirt releasing an airy feel and the last silhouette, composed of crystals and worn by the charming karlie kloss. a complete wardrobe for men and women made in luxurious materials and ultra worked. music from fashion show interview michael kors : i live in new york but i travel around the world and i see that in every city we see life getting faster and faster. we have too many devices, too many phones, a headset, two bags, so you really have to be almost athletic to live in an urban situation now. but i still love luxury, glamour, indulgence, sex appeal, so to me it was really about how do we combine these two things together so that you can wear the clothes looking very polished and very refined, very chic, or you can take it apart and wear it with jeans on the weekend. i think people want versatility. the funny thing about the accessorizes, i like things that are a punctuation point but at the same time i think about function, so for instance all of the pumps and heels that we showed, a lot of them had vibram rubber soles for the snow in paris or new york, i think we're having more snow today, elastic detailing so you have some comfort but sex appeal and then the bags, for the handbags we mixed the idea of something quilted with some metal so it's almost like you have jewelry for your hands which i love because again if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, if you have a fabulous bag then you're ready to go.