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Versace Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

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At versace the refined decor of a white cube from floor to ceiling, houses a daring and eye-catching collection. the versace woman displays her punk attitude so watch out those who rub against it, get stung ! she's decked out in leather and vinyl, in a tight low-cut dress and skinny trousers, with studded boots, adorned with chokers and metallic curb chains on the wrist. even fur does not go unnoticed by displaying very colorful and striking animal patterns. for the evening, vinyl drapes and chiffon rips, for a decidedly sexy attitude. donatella hits hard and honors this image at the expense of conventional fashion, but will the clientele follow? music from fashion show interview pat mcgrath : the look at the versace show is that we're doing very healthy, glowing, beautiful skin and we've got a little bit of light around the eyelids, blusher, kind of a natural blush on the lips and a strong black eyeliner inside the eye and lots of mascara, so it's a healthy glowing version of punk, it's a nod to punk but kind of perfected and more beautiful. guido palau : it's a little bit rock'n'roll as always with donatella versace, but it's a little bit boyish this time so it has a feeling of the 50s, this little height in the front but the back is blown out and super luxurious, so smooth the back, it's a little bit boyish this time but still a very versace girl.