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Sonia Rykiel - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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New start for the sonia rykiel house with the first show by geraldo da conceicao, named artistic director of the house after investment company fung brands took hold 80% of the capital of the famous parisian label in january 2012. daunting task for this young designer who has nevertheless, graciously mastered to appropriate the big sonia rykiel essentials like knitwear, leather, sweaters and black, all while revisiting them in his own way with elegance and sophistication. coats and suit jackets are made without collars with big gold buttons and trousers appearing slightly flared. humor like sensuality is also found in this collection, including a black sweater-dress with colorful graphic shapes of drawings of sex and breasts or others very fine and transparent resembling nightgowns. a first that's rather successful giving the desire to quickly discover the next creations! music from fashion show interview geraldo da conceicao : i'm always very passionate by strong women, and sonia is very strong, so there has been no difficulty, all the information is there and the spirit is very strong, all i do is show them in harmony, that's simply what it is. i don't know if i've renewed anything, i've simply highlighted things that rykiel has worked on from the beginning: the slender silhouette, knitwear, soft textures. there's also the fun side, the idea of playing with leather, which is hard but we make it softer, there is also irony because that's not actually how it appears. nathalie rykiel : nowadays talent is not only about having ideas, it's really about understanding a world and having the right ideas in relation to the times and in relation to the house that we represent, and i'm very happy of this new chapter that's created for sonia rykiel which will allow it to be taken to where this house deserves to be. he's worked really hard, he immersed himself in the archives, but it was almost more instinctive and tactile, he immediately understood this woman, it's for him to say but i think he had a lot of fun designing this collection.