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Hermès - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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In the library of the lycée henri iv the configuration of the hermès show allows one to see the clothes close up. and this is more appreciable as the materials at this saddler are sumptuous and deserve to stay. christophe lemaire puts forward a resolutely strict line, of a large rigor in the cut. shimmering calf skin takes the appearance of satin and is applied in stripes of colours for straight collarless coats, the double-sided cashmere gives rigidity to a split pencil skirt and volume to a short jacket. a print from the archives dating back to 1959, provides the touch of fluidity to this structured wardrobe. layers appear for pelisses which are teamed with a trench or overcoat, raw leather for a high-waisted skirt, or an cognac aviator jacket.. the colours are deep and subtly relate to each other. the designer delivers a wardrobe composed of timeless pieces, a real luxury that we would love be offered. music from fashion show interview christophe lemaire : i wanted it to be rigorous and cool at the same time, to strike a balance between something strict and to loosen it at the same time. i love layering and i wanted to deal with fur, goat fur or tuscan lamb, and then in pelisse with or without sleeves to place underneath a coat or a trench. what was new was the combination of linen with the skin, with wool, cashmere, working the linen as a shirt or as a necktie, i like this idea of linen, it's very tight. a big jean muir t-shirt dress, i love this print which is beautiful, it's a print from 1959, surprisingly modern, the minerals and that's the beauty of hermès. i wanted something a little neoclassical, evidence of hermès and contemporary at the same time.