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« Mannequin, le corps de la mode » exhibition (with itw)

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Inseparable from the business of fashion, a true muse, inspiring the greatest photographers, the model is at the center of an exhibition retracing their development through the ages. top models making it big or merely coat hanger for others; they have marked the history of fashion photography and always reflect society. "mannequin - le corps de la mode" exhibition- les docks - cité de la mode et du design - paris until may 19 2013 music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview sylvie lécallier : at the beginning of the century, the model’s body was completely covered with what is called a black sheath gown, and they were wearing dresses on top of it, today models are a lot more exposed, from the 60s we started to see a liberalization of morals and therefore the representation of women. the biggest period was the 80s with the top supermodels who were better known than the photographers, we came to see the shows for them and not for the couturiers or for the clothes, everybody knows cindy, naomi, linda. today, we are less in the star system because the life span of models is much more short-lived, they’re taken, placed on the cover but a year later we no longer hear about them. there is a somewhat special case, that of kate moss, who has a long career which is pretty amazing, she’s been a model for 20 years, she has this peculiarity of being immediately recognizable. when models talk about their careers they often say that “it’s the photographer that made me, it’s thanks to him that i’ve become a model”, so models are very dependant and their career is very dependent on the desire of a photographer. nowadays actresses are the rivals of models because their international fame often provides effective advertising for big brands. it allows them to be used in the whole world, they are immediately recognized and they make people dream. so i think even if you tend to move towards a world that’s increasingly virtual, smooth and retouched, there will always be women who inspire designers.