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The unexpected return of the grunge style, from the street to the big fashion houses (with itw)

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The great movements of society are also at the heart of fashion. in addition to punk, the unexpected return of grunge, a phenomenon which appeared in the u.s. in the 90s echoes yet again with the young people in the street and even more surprising in big luxury fashion houses. one of the pioneers: hedi slimane creative director of the house of saint laurent since 2012 not only involves marilyn manson and courtney love for his advertising campaigns but also shakes up the codes of his first ready-to-wear shows. and he’s not the only one, the trendy designer philip lim in new york mixes genres and proposes an urban chic version of grunge while the checks of dries van noten have never looked so sensual. the grunge style passes through some essential elements and notably by dr. martens shoes, true symbol of punk and also grunge which returns to the scene, and even feminizes their cult models while asking top model agyness deyn to pose. obviously converse remains a must-have of style, in the street or for rockers. and to complete or redo the look, thrift stores remain the ideal place to find all the genre essentials. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview alexandre voisin : we pick from the left and the right and we try to create worlds which correspond to what is a recent trend of the street, or the future trends of the street. there are revivals, but it’s also in relation to music, so the latest new album from the foo fighters, former nirvana, we dress in relation to it, we give ourselves identity in relation to the type of music we listen to. it’ll be t-shirts, checked shirts, overshirts, big winter pieces that are american but more from seattle and things like that. so jeans, ripped jeans, checked shirts, rocky t-shirts, but the use of vintage clothes helps you to find your own identity.