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Shoe Special – Portrait of Eugène Riconneaus, young talent to follow (with itw)

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How do we go from adolescence to the creation of a luxury brand of shoe? example with eugène riconneaus. this young 22 year old urban skater, already identified by anne-valerie hash and sold at colette, seems to have cut corners, driven by a passion: understood since 12 years old, how to make models drawn from his imagination, becoming real weapons of seduction. music free of right / nikit & bandit 2012 interview eugène riconneaus : i quit school very young to concentrate on shoes, i immediately knew that this was what i wanted to do, i had two wishes: to create shoes and to create them for the most beautiful women in the world. i start by waking up at 6 in the morning and working hard and i started by learning about the production of the shoe, how to make the shape, the arch, how high it must be, knowing the leatherwear by heart, and in my work and my vision of luxury, it’s the savoir faire more than creativity, i think that when the savoir faire is present, creativity follows but with elegance. the creation is the same, it’s once again linked to my personal life, when i started to create shoes, i remember the first time i was in a classroom and i was drawing a shoe in the corner of my table and my neighbor whom i was madly in love with told me “eugene this is great, you’re making shoes”, i didn’t want her to look and i hid my drawing and from that day on, i realized that it pleased me and finally i designed shoes named by all the girls in my school. to create an eponymous line of handmade, luxury shoes in france, is the greatest honor i could do for all the craftsmen who taught me my job, all those who design my shoes today are people who taught me how to make the shoes yesterday. it’s sometimes difficult because you have to have the role of an entrepreneur and a designer. i wear a baseball cap when i create but when i go to my bank, i look a lot smarter. the main goal is still to have my own outlets, this is the ultimate dream, i think it’s accessible if you work hard, i'm only 22 and even if it is in 10 years, i’ll be 32, so it is still very young.