Elie Saab - Autumn Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture Collection in Paris (with ITW)

Precious stones each one perfected by Elie Saab whose focus is the Royal Court with this Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Collection. Certainly he was influenced by the wedding dress which he recently made this year for the Great Duchess of Luxembourg, as well as dressing all the princesses. Shoulders were bare, high waists were delicately belted, the effect of a court coat re-enforced the stately allure. Fragile, transparent tulle is never indecent. Inspiration is taken from the 1950s for the short evening silhouettes, such as a bustier embroidered with matte gemstones, like raw ruby, but also discover a 1930s style with long nude gowns embroidered in diamonds together with dresses for the bride and her maids of honour….
Music from the fashion show

Elie Saab: We tried to work on an event issued by a royal court, a highly majestic ceremony, so I thought of using the colours of precious stones such as diamond, ruby-red, emerald and sapphire blue, that’ what I wanted to do.
Each time I tried to use embroideries, but in different ways. There is a message in this collection concerning really matte embroideries. I like this story because it reminds me a bit of mosaics; we don’t know what the stones are. Also, there is indirect light because we tried to put the crystals the other way round to give shine in a different way, in a different direction.
I think that an asymmetric neckline brings a lot of greatness to the silhouette of a woman. Once again, I feel that that can create a rather royal silhouette, and sometimes with strips that float from back like a cape, I feel that it’s very majestic and that can give a very regal silhouette.

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