The Debutante Ball 2013 - Star Photo shoots

The countdown begins for the debutantes. Two days before the ball, they must henceforth follow a precise schedule comprising of photo shoots at a famous hotel for the world’s biggest magazines (Vanity Fair USA, Asian Tatler, Teen Vogue). Dressed in their haute couture dresses, hair coiffed and made-up, they must act like stars and pose like top models…Interview:Rebecca Eu:I just arrived fresh off the plane from New York. Everyone is dressed up and it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re like ‘what’s happening?’ but they have taught me a few things like if you move your hips a certain way then your hip will look smaller and I didn’t even wear heels for my shoot so I was barefoot but it was very fun because they made me look very tall.So I have been walking around this beautiful hotel, feet hurting and press everywhere, cameras everywhere. It’s been pretty crazy; I would say definitely not a normal day for me.Anton San Diego:Because of their youth, I think it should be natural and their beauty should come out, I think that’s very important. They shouldn’t be too modelly but they are beautiful gowns and it’s hard not to act like a model but I think they were able to convey that, being youthful, beautiful and it’s very exciting to be that age.Ashna Mehta:I love acting and I love theatre so performing for me and being in front of a camera is not very difficult. Of course, it’s very nerve-racking but I enjoy it at the same time.Tim Griffiths:Some of the girls are very experienced, some people have had a lot of modeling practice and some people have been practicing in front of the mirror for a long time and then others who are feeling less confident, you reassure them and you make them look good and there are a few little tricks that I have up my sleeve so that you can make people look a little bit taller and for me, I like to always light slightly from above and then you have a very good jaw-line, it’s very flattering, it gives people models looks so I am very used to how quick you have to be and how little time you have and about getting people looking their best in a very short space of time. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit - 2012

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