Missoni - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Milan (with interview)

A cool attitude with the clothes to match: inspired by surfers, Angela Missoni devised a wardrobe comprising of patterns relating to ocean depths and wave movement (prints developed by Milan design studio Carnovsky). Warmed by a pair of furry sandals after he emerges from the ocean, the Missoni man insulates himself with a knitted blanket slung across his shoulders. Longed hair and sporty, he distinguishes himself in super soft wool. This urban wardrobe holds all the essentials: straight trousers, a comfortable jumper, a superposed jacket and gilet in graduated autumnal and earthy tones. A collection deeply rooted in nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Missoni. Interview:Angela Missoni:The collection is relaxed and has this energetic side to it. This time, I chose guys who live in an urban context but near to the sea and in the morning, they go out very early to surf at dawn before heading back to work in the city and so they need this slightly warm wardrobe, not forgetting the knitted jacket that has become iconic for Missoni but this time it is worn over a jumper.What I always like about the Missoni Menswear shows are this love for nature and the idea that the man likes to escape to nature. He likes having this thought in his mind, he likes to know that he can escape at any moment.There are some 3D textures and very precious threads such as cashmere but specific mixtures like cashmere and wool or cashmere and yak that give quite a rich texture but it is also flexible and comfortable.Music from the show

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