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Carolina Herrera Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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Carolina herrera is one of the greatest names in fashion. the entire international press gathers and no fewer than 40 worldwide tv stations congregate before the show, hoping to have a few words with her. with a career spanning 40 years, this 75-year-old represents the american spirit in all its glory. women who wear carolina herrera are those who also appreciate haute couture and beautiful materials. this season, the designer adds an original graphic and colourful print. skirts are teamed with round, voluminous jackets and devised in a mix of materials, before moving onto long, flared dresses in organdie and silk. gowns in warm colours are always a hit at those gala evenings hosted by the world’s leading women...interview:carolina herrera:when i start working, for instance, i finished today and this week or next week, we will start work on the new collection. the whole inspiration is that the world comes around and it is a new season and i say that because fashion is about something new and this collection is about new proportions and these new proportions are the volumes in the jackets, on the dresses that are very skinny at the bottom and it is designed by the woman of today, without a lot of reference to the past.the prints are all inspired by architectural forms, in a geometric way and that is a big part of the collection and i always have one print in each collection and this one is the geometric one.for me, the details on the jacket are very important, that these different textures are mixed.music from the fashion show