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Michael Kors Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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Easy and glamourous; those are the words used backstage by michael kors to define his latest collection, an idea conveyed through his research into a sophisticated comfort, with pullovers produced in cashmere, fur, alpaca, mink...a fox fur jacket matches a chambray culotte-skirt whilst a fringed coat in chocolate suede stands alone. warm and urban, colours consist of brown, carmale, white and grey. an evenly balanced winter wardrobe with an array of skirts, jackets and floaty dresses in chiffon and georgette silk, some of which have been re-embroidered in house, others with flickers of silver or even python embellishments. michael kors always knows how to speak to women but equally to men as he presents his first fully-fledged masculine collection. his panel of fans stretches from blake lively to michael douglas who both attended the show.interview:michael kors:i dress so many different kinds of women; different heights, different body shapes, different ethnicities and different ages so if you have a fashion show about which you say the only people who could wear it are teenagers, i don’t know how successful it is. to see a beautiful woman like carolyn murphy who is in her forties, then we have models in the show who are nineteen, i think that it is interesting, i am more interested to see that variety and that mix.it is an easy glamour, the idea that you can have all of these delicious fabrics and embroideries that feel very glamorous but at the same time, it has a relaxed attitude, it’s about hands in the pockets, it is about movement. if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, i want it to be able to move when you walk, i think it is how do you have the attitude that you have in northern california, in big sur, in the country, how do you have that attitude in the city? so if you are in new york or paris or shanghai and it is grey and it is terrible out, you want that relaxed easiness but you still need a polish because it is a big city.texture was our key thing this season so we used a lot of different stitches; hand-knit, alpaca, mohair and then mixed back to something very soft so you have got these cosy sweaters but with a beautiful muslin skirt or a fil-coupé skirt, something that has that yin and yang that i love when you see a woman wearing a beautiful dress but it looks like she borrowed her boyfriend’s coat, i find that mix of things is always irreverent and special.music from the fashion show