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Hermès - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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The hermès house concludes more than four weeks of fashion between new york, london, milan and paris. and it is at the bourse, within the palais brongniart, decorated with velvet drapes in deep colours, that christophe lemaire unveils an elegant yet unostentatious and extremely luxurious collection. at hermès, there are no concessions when it comes to materials. cashmere, moiré calfskin, felt and leather treated in a more savage style make up belted tunic dresses and enveloping, voluminous coats in the perfect cut. we just want to curl up in dresses draped across the body and brimming with sensuality, counterbalanced by a masculine look with equally desirable trouser suits… wearing winter sandals with a wooden heel or covered up in braided leather and brass, this woman’s silhouette is quite simply sublime and subtle.interview:christophe lemaire:we work on every piece and all the clothes as if they were an object and essentially it is not about what is on the surface, it is not a disguise, they are living clothes and you feel the luxury when you wear them and that you don’t show off like a sort of social shell.at hermès, we are fortunate that we can really work with materials, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality and there are these felts, felted flannel in cashmere, this yak felt that is entirely handmade like papier mâché which is absolutely sublime, these skins, these furs, that we have tried to treat in a way that is more savage and raw. you can detect it but you really have to see the clothes up close.i find that if a girl wears something masculine, it can be very sensual and i see lots of girls around me who love masculine clothes because there is something qualitative in the cut and the material.pierre hardy designed the sandals and we discussed this idea of wearing sandals in the winter and he has made very beautiful sandals for us with patent wooden heels, or in brass with braided leather and i also love this socks and sandals style; it works really well with this cosy, enveloping, warming element.music from the fashion show