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A bikini and a pair of Havaianas = the ultimate Brazilian outfit

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Brazil is synonymous with nature, the beach and the sun. these three elements, plus the obsession with body image, have quickly made swimwear one of the nation’s statement pieces. and it is brazilian tradition to change your bikini every day. designers have fully embraced this idea, as their always sensual designs have a tendency to become chic and couture. bikinis truly are the perfect match for havaianas flip-flops, an emblematic cult object that has taken the world by storm.interviews:barbara casasola:if i go to the beach or if i go to brazil, and this is something that i love about going to brazil, you really only take bikinis and some havaianas because it’s super chilled and i love that.hervé pinot:today, the havaianas brand is part of brazil’s cultural landscape; it is fully locked into brazilian culture whilst considered to be an extremely inclusive brand. it is a label that unites and brings people together, one that is found on the feet of every brazilian, worn by every brazilian and that is loved by every brazilian.in brazil, we sell between 350 and 400 million pairs every year. it is the product itself that is often cited as an example because of its comfort, durability and longevity and the fact that it dries quickly when you wear it in the water and the fact that it doesn’t conduct heat so it doesn’t get hot in the sun. it also cannot be bent out of shape, thanks to special and unique properties of the rubber. it is a product that is worn constantly on a daily basis by brazilian men and women alike.music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012