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Brazilian Fashion: designers enjoy increasing international success

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Fashion weeks in rio and sao paulo have come to rival those in other capitals, through the talent and creativity of national labels. with everyone’s eyes currently focused on brazil, we notice that a number of designers, who are already famous in their home country, are enjoying increasing international success. let’s start with osklen, the most charismatic. founded and directed by oscar mesavaht in 1989 with stores in numerous countries, the label has become a reference to brazil, even dedicating its latest collection to football and the world cup. another name, alexandre herchcovitch, who burst onto the fashion scene in the 90s at barely 30-years-old, continues to establish a new definition of elegance from rio to new york, also the city where he also does fashion shows. alexandre is also a trailblazer for a new generation of extremely in-vogue young brazilian talent, like 24-year-old pedro lourenço. born into a family of renowned designers, pedro has been an unqualified success since he was a teenager, becoming an ambassador for brazilian fashion across the world, even showcasing in paris. it’s a london calling for barbara casasola, and all the critics rave about her command of volumes and bright colours. and finally, brazil follows global trends revolving around fresh, urban fashion, across a wide range of dynamic designers including filhas de gaia a label to be reckoned with that dares mix couture with sport. at animale, personified by karlie kloss, sophistication reigns supreme alongside exceptional work on materials. arty and colourful tendency from espaço fashion always bring a relaxed feel. lastly, we have ausländer, a noteworthy brand that walks in rio, promoting youthfulness whilst mixing urban culture, sport and fearlessness, exactly like the youth of the nation ready to do anything for the country that they revere…music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012