Moncler Gamme Bleu - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

The gloves are off in this Moncler Gamme Bleu collection.A boxing ring welcomes fighters in shorts. For the label, the recurrent world of sport is a pretext to the clothes, all devised in light and technical materials. Shorts are layered over trousers, jackets over blazers. Thom Browne, artistic director of this line, mixes pinstripes together. Seersucker brings waves of freshness to suits and feminine outfits, which have complimented the range since last season. Black and white checks, and other plaid patterns, lend a hint of sophistication to this sporty yet urban wardrobe, concluding with a bride wearing a long nylon hooded robe, flanked by two rather more thoughtful males.Interview:Thom Browne:Especially for Moncler, I always like to take a sport but I never take my references literally so they are all loosely based on the sport of each season but this one, being boxing, I started with the robes of boxing and the rouging of the waistband of boxing shorts and everything else came from there.The oversized shorts really came from the boxing shorts and it is Moncler after all so I feel like it is appropriate to do show-clothing that is layered and almost looks like more technical outerwear.The seersucker is one of those very iconic American fabrics that I like to use in my collections so I guess that brings out the American in me.Music from the show

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