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DSquared2 - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Fluorescent hues, pop-art patterns and muscular males are amongst the standout looks from this dsquared2 collection inspired by the 80s and its entire artistic era, from basquiat to warhol. the setting for this season dramatizes a new york loft, warmly welcoming budding artists. the silhouette is young, fresh and summery. beige gabardine or denim pants are cut off above the ankle, a white shirt is adorned with multicoloured leather cats, jeans with little monsters, monkeys play on t-shirts and other jackets whilst blazers emblazoned with graffiti. a jacket and shorts combination in stabilo camouflage adds a little twist to the summer. and the new swimwear line highlights the bodies of these artists. this complete wardrobe proposes neoprene shorts, emphasizing trench coats with bands of colour, whilst tailored jackets and business blazers give you options, making a statement either on the beach or in the city! interviews:dean/dan caten: we are in a very downtown new york artist’s loft slash casa slash studio.there is lots of colour, shoes are a bit heavy and pants are cropped. it is very summery, very energetic, lively and fun.the leather is beautiful; it has been applied with a sponge so they are kind of suber looking, they have a nice form, in fluo colours, and maybe a sleeve is one colour and there are bonded dots on them. and then because it is summer, we put a few imprints on shirts so there are thermal dotted little monsters on top so when it is hot, you don’t necessarily want to wear a jacket and you can go out and this shirt makes a statement on its own.music from the show