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Key Fashion Moment : July 1997 – Gianni Versace’s Last Shows

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In july 1997, fashion weeks (menswear and haute couture) were taking place as normal. for the men’s collections, gianni versace calls upon the choreographer maurice béjard for a theme of a man murdered by a woman, played by naomi campbell.a few days later, the italian designer uses themes with lots of byzantine crosses and somber tones for his autumn/ winter 1997/98 haute couture collection, which will be, unbeknown to him, his last ever collection. on the 15th of july 1997, gianni versace is assassinated in his miami villa in florida. one month before the tragedy, his last two collections reverberate seemingly prophetic signs. featuring an interview with santo versace. interview: santo versace: an extraordinary thing, as it was in the giardini boboli, pitti. ballet and man, the presentation of the whole man. and above all, during the ballet, naomi campbell, who’s going to shoot… after the atelier show with all of its things that you have seen on the clothing, the byzantine crosses… it’s an incredible premonition. music paris modes archives