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Carolina Herrera - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 New York

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The designer carolina herrera was awarded the prestigious prize given by the fit, she created a spring/summer 2015 collection that was very structured with round lines. she researched the most innovative materials, with digital prints, all in shocking colours which definitively placed the designer at the center of the luxury world or a combination of couture and art. interview: carolina herrera: the whole collection started with the colour code of a flower, and i took it and i digitalised the colour of the flower and what came out of that flower you will see in the colours of the collection and also in the prints. i’ve been using, what i call techno-fabric, which is techno piqué, i call it techno piqué, techno crape because it’s a fabric that you usually use more or less for scuba diving but you mix it in a modern way, and it’s fascinating to work with, because it moulds in such a way that makes the women look very seductive and feminine at the same time.fashion should be art in movement because the dresses have to be worn to be seen; you cannot hang a dress in a museum forever, you can but it’s not the same, there has to be movement. but i think art inspires it a lot of course. music from the show.