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Dsquared2- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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Volume is the center of the collection at dsquared 2 for next summer, with a strong colour palette by colour blocking and lots of embellishments. although the models looked serious with their large black rimmed glasses, the atmosphere was definitely joyous. the twins dean and dan caten mixed different universes, created something sporty but with a sense of couture, with draping, ruffles, pleats and also with feathers that decorated the long voluminous skirts and above all the embroidery made the clothes extremely sophisticated. the collection included ripped jeans paired with a shiny embroidered jacket, and quilted shorts worn over multi-coloured sequin leggings. a pink masculine suit had cropped trousers which just proved that the designers are equally as talented in tailoring. this summertime collection had a clever mix of pieces with an arty, sporty and couture feel.interview: dean and dan caten: the shapes are big they’re almost like sculptures, even in the pants, the fabrics are stiff, so stiff and comfortable though, so they give you a shape, the girls become sculptures, there are big huge skirts, even something simple like a t-shirt but the arms are shaped, they’re going down.round shapes, twisted trouser that’s kind of short cropped twist but it stays out on its own, they become little mini sculptures. the idea of the collection started from the men’s collection that was like an art theme, so this is like an art studio. there are nods to some inspiring artists you can see throughout the show, there’s a lot of print that comes on the graffia, beaded and encrusted with stones in another situation, then it comes colour blocked in leather which is fused with jersey and then cut raw.to soften all these hard shaped edges, there are some soft feathers and some soft circle plissé ruffles, so there’s a big movement and a bit of a contrast. yeah she’s a bit masculine, because she has a couple of things borrowed from her boyfriend, and she just has a little sporty, masculine character i’d say, she’s a cool girl who loves fashion and has expensive taste. music from the show.