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Moschino- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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Barbie took to the catwalk at moschino and every guest even found a doll waiting on their seats. long blonde hair and pink clothes, the latest muse for jeremy scott took center stage! mini dresses, high heels, sunglasses, handbags in the shape of shoes, the show was everything a little girl could dream of. one model even roller-bladed down the catwalk pleasing the crowd, because here at moschino it’s always a show. with a trolley or coat hanger fixed on the arms the accessories became important pieces to complete the looks. the gawdy outfits were full of motifs and colours, with short shorts, crop tops tied at the back and bikinis, all featuring the logo of moschino. barbie can also be a femme fatale with a skirt and jacket made from sponge or a metallic tracksuit. the unslung universe of jeremy scott associated with this colourful haut label is once again full of wonder and without a doubt will create a lot of hype. in any case, the crowd loved to finish the second day of milan fashion week with this incredible energy, full of imagination. interview:jeremy scott: barbie is just there to have fun and to bring joy and that’s what i try to do with fashion, it shouldn’t be that serious barbie is just a doll and fashion is just clothes! if you can just bring some happiness and some joy for ten minutes then great! that’s all it should be! barbie is a perfect muse because she can go from day to evening and everywhere in between, she goes to the spa, the beach, she’s at every job imaginable and sometimes she even gets confused and not sure she’s going to her work so puts her bikini over her suit. you know i try to play with all of that stuff and of course evening wear is such an important element of barbie and the whole fantasy so i really wanted to play up that whole idea of the barbie extravaganza and she’s going to meet ken for this wonderful moment, because every girl should feel like that at least once.i love what i’m doing here, i have the wonderful support from the top to the very bottom of the staff, everyone is so wonderfully encouraged about what i’m doing and everyone is so supportive of all the ideas, from the business ideas to the creative ideas, i couldn’t have found a better partner that would support me and understand that i need to have my wings set free. music from the show.