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Barbara Bui- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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Barbara bui celebrates the woman with softness and modernity. the designer revisited her first loves: embroidery discovered from travelling which was subtly re-worked across the coats, trousers and jackets. black and white dominated the collection all with transparency; the drapes were created naturally on the t-shirts that became dresses. the lightness was visible on the long raincoats and jackets worked in two fabrics with cut outs on the back. orange put the final touch to this urban wardrobe and brought a feel good vibe to the summer 2015 collection. interview: barbara bui: at the start of my career, i worked heavily with mixing cultures and the work on ancient cultures, ancient ethnicities etc…so i wanted to renew with that, which is a strong part of my dna, which is normal…and i wanted to mix all that with a completely urban, contemporary, western look almost with a hip-hop feel. i wanted a solar collection, so i used organza through the lightness, and draped dresses, so lots of sensuality as well, and all of that together with tailoring that is part of the wardrobe that we know is me, but i wanted to bring more fluidity and more lightness. keziah jones: i loved it, i thought it was great, very nice. especially the very beginning with the ethnics jackets and stuff and then the more bright colors and thin materials, very beautiful, i liked it very much.music from the show.