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Andrew Gn- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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Andrew gn is inspired by his heritage and gives homage to art, from the design movement memphis to the painter monet. his dresses are like works of art, printed and embroidered. he highlights the waist by a large obi belt, and the contrasting colours carry a graphic and urban touch to this very couture wardrobe. interview: i really like to paint the fabrics and this season i used different techniques, like weaving, embroidery, appliqué, many different ways, and it’s very fun and moving for me at the same time. there are three inspirations for me this season, firstly there was a homage to my origin, asia and secondly the impressionist claude monet and his lilies, and thirdly it was about the design movement in italy called memphis. in essence this collection is sporty, modern but at the same time, when you look closely there are couture details, and i find that extraordinary. that’s want do in my life because i find it too easy when we do something streetwear or on the other side something couture and for me i want to find a bridge between the two. nearly all the pieces were designed by our studio and made here in france, and i’m very proud of that. music from the show.