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"Models Never Talk" by Olivier Saillard

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Director of the galliera museum in paris and fashion historian, olivier saillard likes to tell stories in a different way about a universe that is passionate, by creating a presentation relating to this fashion world.his last idea to date is a performance in new york with seven former top models who tell their version of events for the first time, their feelings about a meeting with a couturier, a fitting or a show. the models, who are usually just asked to pose and to be silent speak for the first time, in a sincere, moving and funny voice, dressed simply in black tights, leotard and heels, all highlighting their long legs and at the same time demonstrating that beauty has no age. another way to transmit, and to learn a little more about the fashion world through the attentive gaze, by the almost protective olivier saillard. and with only two shows at milk studios they had the right to a standing ovation. with anne rohart, violeta sanchez, axelle doué, charlotte flossaut, christine bergström, claudia huidobro, amalia vairelli.music from the performance.