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A preview visit to The Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

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The louis vuitton foundation, a magnificent glass vessel in the heart of the bois de boulogne, was unveiled this morning to the press in presence of the president of the lvmh group bernard arnault and the architect frank gehry. a preview visit to the building in perfect adequacy with nature, devoted exclusively to contemporary art, before it’s official opening next 27th october. interview: jean-paul claverie: this project was born first from the desire of bernard arnault since 1991 to build and to lead a political mecenat very ambitious for the lvmh group.it’s a dream that became reality. here we’re developing the collection of the foundation, but also the pieces of art that bernard arnault will expose from his personal collection, temporary exhibitions, 2 per year, commands to some artists and then we have at the back an auditorium that allows a multidisciplinary opening.frank gehry: i was looking for something ephemeral, something that would change with the light, that wouldn’t be static, that would look like a dream, a cloud moving. france has a history of putting sculpture on the openings on the outside i hoped to do the same here. free music/bandit & nikit