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The Essentials for Men this Winter : Fur, the new envelopping armour

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At dolce & gabbana, the presence of the knights sound the return to the enveloping wardrobe, like armour. the large overcoats come back, a sign of protection. the traveller needs to keep warm, and what better way than with fur and hide to cover themselves in. (itw)the newness of these materials lies in the research of innovating textures, right up to using exceptional processes of dying. (itw) the designers even use and create new fur. (itw)of course for the urban people will prefer to choose only some touches of fur on the coats and jackets. leather, shearling and suede also become the favourites. and the most trendy can opt for luxury details, like the edges of a hood, or the lining of a coat. more understated, the fur doesn’t lose its principal asset: to keep warm. the cavalier spirit remains but always with a stylish and modern influence.interviews: kris van assche: its part of reality, i design for the man of 2014 with the coats worn over jeans, over shirts, all of it, it’s all what we feel like, just to embellish it.amish morrow: the fur we used this season is coyote, which is almost like wolf if you like, it’s very masculine, we over dyed it a military green colour, so it’s lost its blonde colour, and it’s a little bit more rust, a little bit more slightly green, it’s very beautiful. kim jones: we did research and we used fabrics from the area, looking at the chinchilla, looking at vicuña, keeping that super luxe “vuitton vibe”, but just really taking it into a slightly different realm this time, because we did it for five seasons and we’d like to just shift it slightly. silvia venturini fendi: we work on the materials with lots of experimentation, on the fabrics that i’d say are quite primitive, because of course fur is almost primitive, a little bit wild, organic. free music/bandit & nikit