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Anja Rubik releases her own perfume and reveals her beauty advice

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The top model from polish origin anja rubik, today aged 31 years old and featured in the top 20 most influential models in the world, releases her first perfume named original. meeting at colette in paris where she reveals to us her beauty tips learned throughout her career.interview: anja rubik: tom pêcheux always told me always to use an eye-lash curler for your lashes, even if you don’t wear mascara always curl your eye lashes because it really opens up your eye, which is really important. then, peter phillips is about something else, he always said take care of your skin, so he said, everytime you take off your make up at night, do a little bit of a peeling, then moisturize your skin constantly, so that’s really important. so i think all of these people they give you different little tips, there is wendy rowe that works for burberry, she’s all about the eye, and the black eyeliner and a little bit of a cat eye, and about smudging she’s more about applying make up with the fingertips, so this is a tip actually i learned in fashion about makeup is it’s much easier to do it with your fingertips rather than just a brush and you feel it more, and i like make up when it’s smudged, when it’s not too perfect so i use my fingertips a lot. there are so many different kinds of beauty, i mean i love brigitte bardot, i think she is the ultimate beauty for me, then there are other beauties that are maybe not “classically beauty” but they have that something inside them or in their face something very magnetic like i find charlotte gainsbourg very very beautiful, maybe she’s not the iconic brigitte bardot but she has something, then there is patty smyth who is really not the iconic beauty but because of her energy and how inspiring she is, she becomes extremely beautiful.the smells that i used in the perfume are actually smells that kind of followed me throughout the years, and that’s white lilies and green tea and i like the idea of using them. i mean the perfume was the vision or the aesthetics of it, is black and white because i find black and white photography timeless and the real identification of beauty, so i wanted it to be black and white, but i also was inspired by a lot of images by robert mapplethorpe. free music: bandit & nikit 2014