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Moncler Gamme Bleu - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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The symbolic puffa jacket of the 50s is at the heart of moncler gamme bleu collection. thom browne made it the stand out piece for the start of the show. the models walked down the catwalk in groups on a graveled pathway surrounded by trees, without their leaves. they all wore the same white trousers, zipped or buttoned on the side and the same jacket in different colours and materials. then the models, in facing the guests started to undress themselves, revealing the suits making reference to the graphic aesthetic of the jockey outfits. as for the jackets…reversible, they matched the outfits. as always the designer succeeded in surprising us with an ever considered mise en scene. interview thom browne : i’m really paying homage to their first down jacket that moncler made in the 50s, and the marriage of my classic jacket from 7 years ago. the down filled sport coat, so it’s really a simple idea but then the difficulty in all the work that went to each of the simple pieces was really what this show was about. the interiors of the down filled sport coats match the patterns of the sports coat, the jockey pattern, so it’s really just playing with the idea of the reverse of a jacket, and the lining matching the sport coat.this is where the patterns came from, was the traditional jockey patterns, and then you know mixing the traditional fabrics with the very technical fabrics at moncler, all in the patterns of the jockey uniforms.i love the simple idea of almost two simple pieces and every fabric being different, and every fabric was developed for this collection, the cashmeres and the needle punch wools and all the furs that mixed in with the traditional fabrics so they all worked into that simple idea. music from the fashion show