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Roksanda- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in London with interview

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Textures and colours are at the heart of the roksanda collection. the girls wear huge/long flared skirts with jackets with nipped in waists in technical fabrics, with tapestry designs. the designer loves to mix and dare with silk jersey combined with pvc. the long coats elongate the silhouette even more, and a belt with a big gold buckle features on nearly all of the pieces, whilst the warm tones revolve around copper – mustard – burgundy and chocolate bringing depth and softness. the trousers become culottes in colourful leather. for the evening, the designer adds a graphic aspect with ornamentations in the form of squares finishing in crystals on the very elegant black outfits. to note: a long fur coat in four colours.interview :roksanda ilincic : i didn’t study surface design or texture, but this season definitely started with having texture in mind and exploring the texture and having quite unusual texture for example the opening looks, done in tapestry, was something that i was enjoying quite a lot, you know just mixing different elements, silk with pvc, silk jerseys with quite a robust heavy felt - something that i enjoy doing quite a lot.i wanted to capture that kind of winter feeling but the juxtaposition against very manmade colours like the fluorescent pink or a blue or colours that are mainly achieved through manmade fibres and i quite like to play with contrasts and with different things so this was a good collection to experiment with that even more. the belts are kind of a natural progression of organic shapes and all the curves and swirls that i had in a collection so, but belts are also quite important for me, i think the belts are something that i’m known for, so yes this was a new version of something that is dna. music from the show