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Moschino - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan (with interview)

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The nineties burst onto the moschino catwalk. an enormous boombox sets the tone of the streetwear fashion straight from the new york street. the girls with loose hair, play the game and dare with exaggerated poses in front of the photographers. jeremy scott opts for a colourful and energetic fashion. after the barbie girl from last season, the designer offers a more wearable wardrobe. with a succession of quilted silhouettes, effigy jumpers of the looney tunes to sequins printed with graffiti. the jeans are worn inside out or paired with patchwork and gold chains. a grand finale with couture cuts and volumes but revised and corrected by the trouble maker jeremy scott for whom fashion must above all be a real playground. to note: the xxl accessories!interview: jeremy scott: i was really inspired by the streetwear in general, thinking about new york streets and that energy and yeah there is definitely a 90s influence of course i feel like there was a lot of fun streetwear that happened then. i wanted to play with the looney tunes characters wearing moschino and have them in a hip-hop way, playing with puffa jackets, and army surplus and workwear and turning it inside out and twisting it around and sometimes making it deluxe, of course lots of bling bling which is always fun – i love that lots of jewellery in the hip-hop.and then for the evening wear i just wanted to take these gorgeous, refined gowns but then tag them and put stickers on them, as if they were like a light post or like a mailbox on the street of new york, on the corner that’s had all these things over time, i wanted to have that kind of spirited energy but on something very elegant and sophisticated.music from the show