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Barbara Bui- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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At barbara bui, energy mixes with freshness for silhouettes of today, which we want straight away...the designer begins by playing with fluidity, with the ultra light, skirts and loose trousers, paired with coats brushing the floor, reinforcing the longline aspect. then the short lengths arrived with mini-skirts and dresses ending in a point. the result is very feminine, sensual, and rock’n’roll, reinforced by the flat boots, metallic embroideries and the biker jacket. radiance appeared through the vinyl, bluish sequins, and brown python skin. the huge sheepskin jackets with vertical black lines are perfect for the urban side. to note: a long asymmetrical dress in sky blue, contrasting with the rest of the collection which revolves around black and navy. interview: barbara bui: i wanted very longline silhouettes, very long, with little busts, and the enveloping pieces, and i wanted them in more of a pop style...for me it’s not as sophisticated as that, almost more romantic and pop rather than sophisticated, so i wanted to add the very short pieces, and the slits, and the revealing of the legs, and being worn with flat, rockabilly shoes.the materials that are a little bit shiny, because i think that the navy needs a little bit of sparkle, to make it radiant, so the velvets, the silks, then the vinyl, it was also a way of twisting the puffa jackets.lots of things like that a little bit bevelled which give a little bit of strength, a sharp and cut side, and the short pieces are less revealing with this distorted length. music from the show