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Hervé Léger by Max Azria- Fashion Show PAP Spring-Summer 2016 in New York

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No less than 60 looks hervé léger by max azria , celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. for the occasion, lubov and max azria divided their show into two parts. the first figures are turned towards the future, as always with many dresses in the program but with fewer bandages and more new techniques of mixed cuts around the crossed wires and embroidered flowers. the sensuality is still present but is has a more couture feel. the second part will celebrate the historic cult models since 2009 worked around white. the bands come together more than ever, highlighting the female body always with great success.itw lubov azriathis collection is really about moving forward, and we were celebrating 30 years of herve leger, and you know under a max and i direction, creative direction, it’s been really more like 8 years and so it’s really looking back at everything we've done; the incredible evolution of the brand and so how do you move it forward. this is probably the first run way that were not actually doing the bandage technique, were doing a lot of jacquards were doing valeted jacquards were doing macramé were doing beading were doing slashing with leather. there is so much more than just a bandage, and i think there is an evolution that you will see. we’re also doing much more sportswear pieces than we’ve ever done before. we are looking back at everything we have done, so you’ll see 2 parts in the show. it’s not woven it’s a knit so you don’t cut fabric you knit everything. so knitting, you need to have a great technical knowledge of knitting, so you need to understand what yarns to use, how to plate them what do you do with them, all the different techniques, there is so much new technology that’s out there it’s incredible so really using it, moving it forward, and making women look and feel incredible.