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Prabal Gurung- Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2016 in New York with interview

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Prabal gurung's life changed on april 25, when nepal, his country of origin, was hit by a terrible earthquake. the designer wanted to show the way in which emotion invaded this disaster. with buddhist chants at the beginning of the show and dresses made in warm tones, the collection is full of treasures containing personal memories of the designer, like these paint strokes taken from laxman shreshtha, an artist whose work prabal admired for a long time or the taunts of gold inspired by ancient jewellery. a highlight of the fashion weekend new york.itw prabal gurungwhat i wanted to do was show the world a little bit of where i’m from and what it means to me. there is this particular artist, laxman shreshtha who was born in nepal but based in india. his paintings and artwork were as a child was something that i really loved and i started to look at that again, so all the prints and the textures and the lace that we made the guipure lace those are all nepalese women’s jewellery so we took thatso this collection is very much about a personal journey a personal album of memories. the reason why i did the monks was you know, when the earth quake happened the fashion industry were the first people who came to my aid and because of their help we managed to raise a million dollars and weve been rebuilding in nepal and building schools and educating children so i just wanted to say a big heartfelt gratitude, i have thanked them personally but i just want it in a big massive stage, i just to say thank you. i love women and the biggest strength for a woman i think is understanding and embracing the femininity. when they know that it’s ok to embrace that that is the biggest power you have as a woman. music of the fashion show