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Jeremy Scott- Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2016 in New York with interview

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For the first time, jeremy scott left the milk studios for a huge spectacle, in the heart of the city, at the new headquarters of the new york fashion week ... a completely packed audience to see the new heroines step out from the john waters’ movies onto the catwalk. pronounced brushing and makeup for the models wearing sexy, crazy dresses clashing where the printed scribbles go well with the mixes of latex, leather, sequins, big dots, pictures of tv screens and of course animated heroes… jeremy scott continues to promote this uninhibited fashion, successfully applauded by many stars including rita ora, sitting in the front row ...itw jeremy scottyou know, i was just really inspired by the girls in laurie sherman in the early 80’s, who are so inspired by all the things of john waters’ movies, and all the russ meyer movies, all the sci-fi 60’s kind of feeling from star trek, the tv show, where they go to a planet where there is a future babe who was all bedangled and quaffed and i really wanted to play with all that, with the colours and the things. there’s toy guns as prints and things like a scribble print that was done very raw, i really wanted to have a raw energy very colourful. i also did these shoes with melissa in plastic with the little inflatable nozzles, so it looks like the shoes inflate, i really wanted to play with that whole life fantastic is plastic look, which is 60’s and fun and all of that. music of the fashion show